Zoom meeting scheduling for other users

Hello there!

I’m trying to schedule a meeting for other users(users will fill mail field on my website, so it can be any user email).
I’m using jwt token, and I’m actually able to schedule meeting for myself, using /users/<my_email>/meetings, or /users/me/meetings. So this part is working great.

But when I’m trying to schedule a meeting for another user via email, I always get code 1001 and error “User does not exist”. Same params, same token, but with endpoint /users/<user_email>/meetings.

I also tried to make request with schedule_for param, with different combinations of my email and user email. When I put user email to the endpoint URL, and mine to the schedule_for - error stay the same,
“User does not exist”. But when I try URL endpoint with my email and put the user email to the scheduled_for param, I always get “Not assigned scheduler” and error code 1110.

So what am I doing wrong here?

UPD: I went through the docs, but the privileges and scopes are not really clear for me. Do I need to have paid account with this ability http://prntscr.com/vm509n to schedule meeting for someone else?
Not really clear what is “assign” means in “assign meeting schedule”, because I don’t need to assign this ability to nobody…

Thanks in advance!

Hey @mr.andrikalin,

Good question—happy to help clarify.

To that end, it looks like you’re getting the “not assigned scheduler” error when trying to schedule a meeting on another user’s behalf. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this:

  • The user on whose behalf you’re scheduling the meeting must have you designated as an assigned scheduler under their account:

  • The user must be under the same account as you

  • The user must be a paid/licensed Zoom user in order to have access to the Schedule For setting

Let me know if this helps!


Hey @will.zoom,
Thanks for the clarification about this parameter.
I decided to skip schedule a meeting on another user’s behalf, and I tried to create a request without “schedule_for” parameter.
I used endpoint /users/<user_email>/meetings, but always got “User does not exist” error message and 1001 code.
I searched through the zoom dev forums with this error, and as I can understand, that user should exists on my account(here)
When I tried to add user, using post request and /users endpoint with body:
“action”: “create”,
“user_info”: {
“email”: “<user_email>”,
“type”: 1,
“first_name”: “<first_name>”,
“last_name”: “<last_name>”
I was getting code 200, and message “No privilege”.
Also, this page says that I need to connect my card to the account.

So basically this is kind of paid option, to schedule meeting to someone else, yeah?
And I need to choose some plan to be able to do that? Or maybe I was doing smth wrong?

Thank you!

Hi @mr.andrikalin,

That’s correct—to schedule a meeting via API, as well as to schedule a meeting on behalf of another user, you will need a Pro or higher Zoom license.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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