Account is not getting created automatically even though the user type is provider

We are working towards integrating Zoom into our existing EHR system for telehealth. We are following the instructions provided here

However we are facing an issue if we try to create a meeting with a user (email) who does’ t exists in our account. But as per the instructions given in the above link, if the requested user does not exists in the system then Zoom should auto-create account for that user and schedule the meeting, if the user type is Provider. But, this is not happening in our case and we are facing issue as ‘User <emailID> not exist or not belong to this account. (1,001)’. So we are not sure why this error is coming. It would be great, if someone could help us to resolve this issue.


For Reference: (Instruction provided in the above link)

  • When Zoom platform receives this request, it finds your account with org_id and decrypts the data with your account API secret to find the values for usertype, sessionid, userid, first and last names. If the “usertype” = 1 (provider), Zoom auto-creates the account for that user, auto-creates a meeting with the “sessionid” and returns back a meeting URL. If the “usertype=2” (patient or visitor), Zoom checks to see if a meeting exist with that “sessionid” and returns the meeting URL. “sessionid” should be the same between the patient and provider calls and that tells Zoom to put them in the same meeting.

Hi Eric, 

Please provide the URL you are using to start the telehealth meeting and also the values included in the encrypted data portion of the URL.  Thx.


This is the sample URL that we are using to start meeting.

It looks like you are specifying an email address for the userID field. When you specify an email address, Zoom requires that an account with that email address already exists. In order for Zoom to automatically create an account, the userID should not be an email address. For example, if userId = “123456789”, an account will be created with an email ID of