Issue with creating Meeting URL

We have been successfully creating Zoom meeting url’s from our c# code to schedule meetings with providers and patients(so far). But recently, there are issues creating a meeting URL. Here’s what we do:
Post to API Url:
with these params+values:
{api_key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&api_secret=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&data_type=JSON& Appt}
Here’s the response we get:
“{“error”:{“code”:1005,“message”:“This user already exists in the”}}”

This works if its a new provider email, but problem persists if we try creating meeting uRL for an existing provider email. Creating Zoom meetings is an important part of our application, appreciate your prompt response.

Please switch to the V2 REST APIs, the V1 API is scheduled for retirement.

Per our blog post:

End of Life for ALL V1 APIs — In April 26, 2020, Zoom is terminating the V1 API FOREVER! If you are using ANY Zoom APIs that DO NOT have “/v2” in the path, then you are using V1 APIs, and in April 26, 2020 these will no longer work. You MUST migrate your V1 API code to use the V2 API NOW to prevent any potential business disruption or loss of data.

Moving forward, you’ll want to use the Schedule Meeting API:

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Thanks @bdeanindy for your response. We will migrate to V2 and test to see there are no shortcomings.

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Thanks @adityareddy.s,

Let us know if you run into any issues during the transition. :slight_smile:


I followed this as suggested and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the help

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Great! You are welcome! :slight_smile: