Account level vs Use managed app

I’m very much confused with account level app and user level app. Can you please give me explanation with the best example.

I want to integrate zoom just like google/Facebook authentication. Which app is suitable for me?

Hi @akhilesh.chaurasiya0 ,

See below for the key difference between Account-level and User-managed apps:

Are you saying you want a published app with single sign on?

My application have own username and password. And Zoom have his own password.
Does it possible when I logged into my account it should be logged in zoom also so that I don’t have to authorized zoom

Hi @akhilesh.chaurasiya0 ,

This could be possible if you build out the logic in the back end to trigger Zoom login with the right credentials based on your application login.

If our application will know zoom username and password . It will be security issue for zoom because backend develop will be knowing all the things. Does it right?

Can we use GitHub - Jericho/ZoomNet: .NET client library for the REST API v2
Server to server app is working but
when I’m integrating Oauth app it is not working.