Account provisioning logs - Increase the number of log lines retained on Zoom


After we switched from API v1 to v2, user provisioning process has been hitting this error Cannot add the following user(s) to your account because they belong to other account(s) with SSO sign-in. xxxx@xxxx.COM more often.

To debug this issue, I requested Zoom support to provide log entries but was made aware that only the recent 100 lines are stored. I need this increasing so we can get to the bottom of this issue.

I do not get any more information back and I don’t have privileges to check if this user exists on another Zoom instance. 90% of such cases have resulted in user entry not existing on Zoom until we make the call to provision the user on Zoom.

Zoom support guided me to reach out here to get help on the way forward to be able to debug this issue.



Hi @Vinay_Kumar,

Usually when this error happens, the user already exist within another Zoom account. Are you using the SSOCreate property correct for the Create User API -



Correct. usercreate with ssoCreate action.
As I shared earlier, some of the users claim not to have registered directly on any of the Zoom instance. Hence we need logs retained for longer time to investigate such issues.


Hi Kumar,

Would you be able to provide us the emails that you’re trying to use? You can send the emails to From there we can take a look to see why the error is happening.



Apologies for the delay. I was in the process of getting all the accounts from Zoom backend as these accounts are not accessible to us. I have emailed the list of users to

Appreciate the feedback.