Share Single UIView crashes

Description : When we use a shared view in the meeting(Share Single UIView), we click the brush button, and the program crashes and an error is reported when we use the brush annotation. The error is as follows: “ _validateGetBytes:29: failed assertion `CPU access for textures with MTLResourceStorageModePrivate storage mode is disallowed.’”
Other than that, the content shared was a black screen when viewed from other people’s phones
SDK Version :

Reproducible Steps :

After starting the meeting and sharing a picture, the annotated button will appear in the view. We click the annotated button, select pen and start annotating, and then the program crashes,It happens every time。

Screenshots :

Device Information :

Device Type: ( iPhone 6S)

OS: (iOS 14.1)

Xcode: 13.2.1

Additional Context :

Now we are upgrading the SDK. The old version of Meeting SDK(5.2.42037.1112) is normal, but this problem will occur when we upgrade to the latest one. We want to know how to avoid this problem or what configuration can make the program run normally. thank you

Hi @wangqi,

Can you please provide a code snippet showing how you are starting the share and setting up the view being passed in?


The crash has now been dealt with. The current problem is that other people’s phones in the meeting show a black screen when viewing shared content.

The code we started sharing is as follows:

The code to show the shared screen is as follows:

The view code to display the local share is as follows:

The view code to display remote sharing is as follows:

80% of our engineering code is the interface and code of the custom UI in the Meeting SDK demo. The invocation and display of the sharing module are consistent with the invocation of the custom Meeting in the Meeting SDK Demo. But the black screen user console print method call is as follows: clearly see lack of callback key code, such as: onSinkShareSizeChange and onSinkMeetingShareReceiving.

We looked at the log in the sandbox. Can you help us see why the callback is missing? Thank you for your

The compressed package cannot be uploaded in the forum. At present, I can only send the log printed by the Xcode console. The log printed by the new SDK ( after receiving the sharing event is as follows:
SDKStartJoinMeetingPresenter+ShareServiceDelegate.m:34|MobileRTC onSinkSharingStatus==2 userID==16778240|
SDKStartJoinMeetingPresenter+ShareServiceDelegate.m:17|MobileRTC onSinkMeetingActiveShare==16778240|

For the SDK of an earlier version (5.2.42037.1112), the following information is displayed:
|SDKStartJoinMeetingPresenter+ShareServiceDelegate.m:17|MobileRTC onSinkMeetingActiveShare==16787456|
|SDKStartJoinMeetingPresenter+ShareServiceDelegate.m:39|MobileRTC onSinkShareSizeChange==16787456|
|SDKStartJoinMeetingPresenter+ShareServiceDelegate.m:47|MobileRTC onSinkMeetingShareReceiving==16787456|
|SDKStartJoinMeetingPresenter+ShareServiceDelegate.m:39|MobileRTC onSinkShareSizeChange==16787456|

It is obvious that the new SDK lacks the related callback method onSinkShareSizeChange
And onSinkMeetingShareReceiving.

Hi @wangqi,

Glad to hear you were able to resolve that crash!

Regarding the black screen while sharing, can you please check which share statuses you are seeing in the onSinkSharingStatus callback relative to when you try setting up the share view?


As I sent the console print log above, onSinkSharingStatus only received one state, that is 2, and there are no other states.

Hi @wangqi,

I understand that you are seeing that status callback, but I am asking for when that occurs relative to when you are trying to setup the share view. :slightly_smiling_face:


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