Add Callbar to iOS app using zoom sdk


hello, we are trying to add a Callbar to our iOS app using the Zoom SDK, so that when the user clicks the iPhone home button to go back to home screen (and if the meeting is still joined) the user will see a Callbar that blinks and says “Plank”. see attached image for Callbar example. how would we do this with the SDK? thanks! Derek

Hi Derek,

Thanks for using Zoom Developer Platform. May I see the attached image? 


See this link for green callbar

Zoom has a red callbar

How do we add this callbar to our iOS app?thx

Hi Derek,

I think you are referring to “status bar”. Zoom iOS SDK provides status bar support already. If you are already in a meeting and press home button. Zoom will show a red status bar indicating you are in a meeting.


How do we activate the status bar? Our custom iOS app using zoom sdk does not show the status bar. Thanks. DEREK

Also, how do we change the words on the status bar to “” (not “zoom”) thx! Derek

Hi Derek, 

  1. to activate status bar, go to your Xcode project, Targets->Capabilities->Background Modes, make sure you select “Audio, Air play and Picture in picture”. just like the attached picture. 
  1. The words shows in the status bar is the name of the application, you can change your app name to under Targets->General->Display Name.


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