Add-On to preset audio settings

I would like to create an Add-On which would check/uncheck audio settings as soon as it is installed. This add-on is just for ease and for the users who find it hard to edit settings.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
Please guide which would appropriate?

Additional context
Please answer following

  1. Which programming language is required to work on SDK for Windows Desktop App? I assume its C# but since these are core level functions, do I need to code in C++?
  2. Is it even possible to configure such functions? e.g. Enable Original Audio as soon as Add-On is installed

Hey @hashim,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

The SDK isn’t really designed to be an add-on to the Zoom Client, but rather a way to get Zoom Meetings into your own application. However, I can answer your questions:

The SDK is written and provided as C++. We strongly encourage developers to use C++ with it. However, there is a C# wrapper that you can also use. Keep in mind that the C# is not actively maintained by Zoom, though.

I am not sure this can happen right when the add-on is installed, but yes the SDK can control this feature.


Thank you for your response.

First, question as a lay man. How can I develop an add on for Windows Zoom which works on Zoom Audio Settings(e.g. Enable Original Sound checkbox tick/untick)?

Hey @hashim,

I would look into developing a Zoom App: Zoom Apps | Zoom. This allows for adding applications/add-ons directly into the Zoom Client.


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