Zoom Recordings

When we create a zoom Meeting and assign an alternative host to that meeting, the recording is getting saved in the account of alternative host.
I want that meeting to be get saved on the main host who created that meeting.
How should I do that . ?

Hi @himanshu , who ends up being the actual host of the meeting? The original or alternative assignee?


Only alternative host starts and ends the meetings.
Actual host doesn’t join it, he only creates the meeting.

Any update regarding above issue . ?

Hi @himanshu ,

Alternative hosts assume most host privileges, but the cloud recordings should be sent/retained by the meeting owner (original host).

This has been true as of May 2022 and I am not aware of an API update that would render the recording to the alternative host (but I could be mistaken and will double check internally). As this is unexpected behavior to the best of my ability, can you please submit a ticket about this including the following:

  • accountId
  • userId of host and alternative host
  • meeting uuid
  • cloud recording id
  • a link to this thread

Thank you!