Trouble adding scopes to server-server auth app

I want to create a server to server oauth app but I cannot find the correct scope to add.

Documentation for this endpoint: Zoom Meeting API

When I initially created the app, I could not find any scopes available. I had to contact an admin who then made the scopes available on the server-server oauth app that was created. However, I realized that while the app had webinar: read access available to be selected, webinar:write scope was not there. I contacted my zoom account admin and he verified that he has granted the account access to all the scopes available.

Is there something I am missing here? How do I add the webinar:write scope to my server-server oauth app when the account admin has already granted all scopes possible and that scope is still missing?

Hi @derek.du

the Server to server OAuth app can only show scopes that you (user) is able to authorize. In your case if you have the permissions in your account but still not able to see the relevant scopes, can you please open a ticket with our developer support so that they can take a closer look at your account?