Unable to find/assign scopes

I have a private server-to-server OAuth app for which I need to assign scopes, but cannot find the ones I need. Specifically:

  • View all user meetings /meeting:read:admin
  • View and manage all user meetings /meeting:write:admin
  • View all user information /user:read:admin
  • View all user Webinars /webinar:read:admin
  • View and manage all user Webinars /webinar:write:admin

I created the app on my own Zoom account and was able to assign those scopes, but I’m now deploying on a client’s Zoom account and those scopes are not available – despite logging in as the account owner (so I have all permissions). I’ve actually seen this on two client accounts. Why aren’t those scopes listed and available for selection?

Hello @lcdservices, I have never seen those scopes available for Server to Server OAuth Apps, but they are available for Account Level OAuth Apps.

Regards, Kwaku

I have working Server to Server oAuth apps using:

View and manage all user meetings /meeting:write:admin
View all user information /user:read:admin

and when creating a new app today I am seeing:
View and manage all user meetings meeting:write:meeting:admin
View all user information user:read:user:admin

It looks like the path has changes which mean that the Scopes that I am looking for and Brian is looking to use have changed and we would need to adjust the validation.

Is this assumption correct?

With the new granular scopes, yes that would be case you would have to look through and find the new ones read more about this here: Internal apps - OAuth scopes