Random Speed Networking Feature

Hi there,

is there a tool in Zoom, which would automatically place random Zoom attendees into a breakout room for a set amount of time after which they are removed from the room and assigned to another room, where they meet another person, please? I know this features is quite high in demand at the moment on other platforms and was wondering if Zoom is planning on bringing out such a feature in the near future?

Best wishes

Hi @CatiaV5,

interesting that you mention a tool for random speed networking. I can not answer your question regarding Zoom, but we have seen the same demand and created our own solution.
You can check it out on our website:

You set up automatic rotation of Zoom attendees in less than 5 minutes with a combination of Zoom and Glimpse. Here’s an article about it: https://medium.com/joinglimpse/how-to-do-speed-networking-on-zoom-cb05af49b175