Co-Host All Participants

Hey there!
We work for a Software Engineering Bootcamp and spend 9 hours a day on your amazing app. Huge Fans! At the beginning of the day, we co-host all our students so they can get to their Breakout Rooms and move through the rooms as the day goes on. I was wondering if there’s a feature to co-host all participants?

Describe the solution you’d like
Having an option, for the meeting host only, in the participants tab or perhaps the meeting dropdown that would automatically co-host everyone. Similarly, a remove co-host for all would be amazing.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Currently, we do it manually for all 50 participants.

Thanks in advance!


If it matters, we use the desktop MacOS Zoom app.



I am a high school teacher, and I also use this system of making every student a co-host so that they can move between breakout rooms.

I’d love an option to allow participants to move between breakout rooms without being a co-host!

The next best option would be an option to make every participant a co-host.

I’ve tried using the Zoom API to write a program to do this, but I haven’t found an API endpoint that controls co-hosting. As anyone else found one? Can we add one?

Andrew Merrill