Providing more abilities to Co-Host assigning for breakouts


It would be great if we could provide ZOOM breakout co-host the ability to assist in manually assigning participants into breakouts rooms. This would help as doing manual assigning with a hundred people to specific rooms takes one person 30min or longer. It would also be great to provide the ability to make someone a co-host once they have been assigned to a breakout room. Last but not least, it would be great to help us manually force 1 specific person out of a breakout room back to main session in case we need to inform them on something outside of the breakout room.

Thank You!


I second that request!

Although I have to admit, the main reason for me needing this feature is because pre-assignment of (participants to) breakout rooms is not possible with meetings where participants register but do not (all) have a Zoom account.

Come to think of it, if Zoom would add an “email-address” field in the Guest Join window and use that address to compare to the breakout pre-assign list, that would be a great addition.

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I totally support this request.

Yes, you are right, once a user has been admitted to a breakout room. In order to become a co-host, they have to return back to main room.

This must be further tweaked, if possible.

In live event scenario, time is of essence to us and if we need a person to become a co-host, we have no time to ask him/her to leave the breakout room to the main room and then enter back into breakout room after he/she has been assigned as co-host.

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