What is the best way to handle promoting a participant to panalist?

When I promote a participant to a panelist within the webinar app it will knock the participant off the meeting page and re-direct to the “end” page.

In the app it will sign the participant off and automatically rejoin them as a panelist.

How can I handle this in the web sdk?
can a participant join as a panelist?

No Error

Which version?

Steps to reproduce
Start the webinar in the zoom app

participant joins webinar through web sdk
role = 0

in zoom app change participant to panelist

participant in web app will be un-joined and redirected to “end” page.

Hi @DanielH,

Right now the WebSDK doesen’t support panelist or host via Webinars. However, we are planning on supporting this feature in a upcoming release - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/getting-started/stay-up-to-date/upcoming-changes/web-sdk