Alternative host is not able to join or start meetings

Hi Team

For all the meetings we create via the API, we assign an alternative host but this assigned host is not able to join meetings on a few occasions and receives the error “the host is yet to start the meeting”. This issue is sporadic in nature making it difficult to debug at our end.
Need urgent attention on this.

Ashish Mishra

Hi @sunstone.zoom ,

When it is sporadic, does it resolve itself?

Can you confirm that none of the alternative hosts would be affected by the outlined limitations:


Hi Gianni

Yes, the alternative hosts are not affected by the limitations outlined in the article. It works on some occasions and fails on others.

Hi @sunstone.zoom ,

Please send:

  • the meeting id/uuid for unexpired meetings where it has been both successful and failed
  • the host and alternative hosts email and/or userId
  • accountId
  • API responses from (ex. GET Meeting, GET Past Meeting or other similar endpoint from Dashboards API that would show host/alt host info) for successful and failed alternative host join attempts where it shows the alternative host has been designated

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