Am I using the Zoom Meeting Integration correctly?

I am part of the Product Team creating an application and we want to add a “meeting” or “teleconferencing” solution into it. The web version of the app is used by one type of user and they will have “users”/clients registered within the web application and they may want to have a virtual meeting with these clients from time to time.
Zoom is one of the tele-conferencing options we wish to provide for these virtual meetings, hence we explored the docs and have implemented an integration with Zoom.

The current level of integration that we have developed is :

  • Link web application users’ Zoom Account within our application (i.e. map user account to their Zoom Account for generating & scheduling meeting links, etc)
  • Generate or Schedule meetings when a “start teleconference” button is clicked using the Zoom Meetings API

However, testing the integration is proving to be quite difficult (we can only test it using one particular account that has created an Application via the Zoom Marketplace) and I’m not sure if I need to actually publish an app on the Zoom Marketplace in order to test our integration and take it to Production. This seems counter-intuitive to me, since we do not want anyone in the public domain to be able to use our integration, but rather, only users of our specific web application, that will not actually be open to the public.

I’ve gone through the existing questions in the Developer Forum and found the following answer "It has to be a public app in order to create meetings for other accounts, but you can restrict installation access”.
If that’s the case, I would also appreciate it if I could get some guidance on whether I would need to create a separate Zoom “application” for each of my testing environments or how that would work? And can I go ahead to test the Zoom Application without publishing it (seems like a tedious process), since we just want to do some internal testing and demos with what we’ve built so far but are blocked on this.

To clarify, we have currently created an OAuth Application at App Marketplace