How to publish our application properly

Hey there,

We are developing an integration between Zoom and our own web service.

The integration consists of three Zoom applications:

  1. Account-level REST application: to allow users to create meetings
  2. User-level REST application: to authorize users in Zoom to get their account information to create meetings (by the Account-level REST application) with the right host
  3. Web SDK-based application which is used to run the created meetings

So, the user flow is the following:

  1. an administrator installs the Account-level REST application and sets up the integration
  2. each user (in our web service) who has an intention to run meetings should authorize in Zoom using its credentials (the user-level REST application)
  3. when a user tries to create a meeting, it is created by the Account-level application, but using the actual Zoom user as a host (we got this info from the previous step)
  4. all participants (including the host) use the Web SDK application to join the meeting anonymously (as Web SDK doesn’t support OAuth)

To make all this work we need to have publishable URLs for the Account-level and User-level applications, but actually they should be installed from our web service. I think it is better to have only the Account-level application published in the Zoom marketplace, but it should lead to our own marketplace.

So, my questions are:

  1. Are there any suggestions on how to make the scheme easier?
  2. How can we get publishable URLs without actual listing in the Zoom marketplace?
  3. Can we lead users to our own marketplace from your one?


Hey @Sitting,

One question, why do you need the Account Level OAuth app to create the meetings when the User Level OAuth app can create the meetings? If at all possible, using one single app type would make this easier :slight_smile:

As for your questions

If at all possible, I would suggest using one OAuth app type. In your Step 3. why not just have the user level app create the meeting since that user will be the host anyway?

Only on rare occasions do we allow unlisted apps. (Installable with link, but not listed publicly on the Zoom App Marketplace)

Although, if your app will only be used by Zoom users under your account, you can accomplish all this without publishing to the Zoom App Marketplace.

Yes, instead of installing from the Marketplace, they can click “Visit Site to Install” which takes them to your marketplace. This is configurable in the OAuth Apps “Information” page on the Zoom App Dashboard.

Hey @tommy,

Thanks for your response! As the documentation says, “meeting:write:admin” scopes are required to create a meeting. It is the only reason why we think we need to have two REST applications - one for the admin and another - for the users.

Please let me know if there is another way to achieve our needs.


Hey @Sitting, happy to help!

As you can see in the photo of the docs you shared, the “meeting:write” User Level Scope also works when creating a meeting :slight_smile: