Angular Web SDK: Getting error with simultaneous meetings even having three privileged verified users

Account owner (Pro) added me as user with Developer role. I added three Users in my account and privileged them to host meeting on my behalf. One privileged user is itself the account owner and other two users are with Member role.

Does the users role plays any role ? Because I am able to start two meetings only but it should be 4 meetings simultaneously.

Fail to join meeting” when starting third meeting same time in angular app.


Using Zoom Web SDK version 1.7.7 and integrated in Angular app.

Hey @gshukla,

As long as the 4 meetings have different meeting hosts it should work.

Double check that each of the 4 meetings are assigned to different hosts.


Hi @tommy,
Thanks for your reply.
How do I know which meeting is assigned to which host?
Is there any API for that?
How I can know which host is available for meeting ?
Currently, I am creating Instant meetings through Create Meeting api.

@tommy. Any update ?

Hey @gshukla,

The meeting is created for the user who you pass in to the Create Meeting API. :slight_smile:


HI @tommy,
Thank you…
One last question:
How do I know which host is busy and which is available?
Is there any API ?

@tommy : Any Update?

Hey @gshukla,

You can find this out based on if that host has a live meeting running. The List Meetings endpoint will get any live meeting of the user specified:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


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