API app credentials what is Whitelist URL

I just don’t understand what it is.
I want to create a chatboat that sends Chat messages to meeting particpants.
The chatboat should be used by any user who uses my app (MyParty), and the messages will be send to one or all partipants of a specific meeting.

Hi @shlomo a Whitelist URL is used to provide protections on user authorization. If a Redirect URL (for OAuth) is added to the whitelist, it is the only URL to which the user can be redirected. This adds additional security to authorization flows within a browser.

Additionally, to give some guidance: Zoom Chatbots currently are not able to give in-meeting controls, but we are working on this feature!

Thanks Michael.
Did I understand you, the chatbot cannot send messages while in the meeting?
This is what I am trying to build!
So what is the chatbot purpose?
When will it be ready (In meeting chatbot)?

Also, I posted another question in this forum.
Please answer it too.

Hi Michael,
I am trying again.

  1. Maybe I missundestood you.
    When you say “not able to give in-meeting” controls, do you mean that we cannot use chatbot to send messages to the users (while in the meeting), or merly that the user cannot react to the chatbot?

  2. I posted another question " How do I get the user-id for a chatbot
    Please anwer it so I can start working on my chatbot.

  3. When you say you are working on it, do you have any clue when will it be ready and how can I be notified about it?

Hi @shlomo Chatbots operate within Zoom Chat, not within Zoom Meetings. We’re working on getting this feature for in-meeting chatbots into our roadmap, but we are currently prioritizing privacy & security reviews and stability over new features. To get notified on new releases, you can subscribe to our Changelog.

For clarity, this is not a fix we are working on. This would be a fully new product feature. We do not have a timeline for this.