API Documentation - Scope Issues

Went to the documentation for each API endpoint I was using for an app. Here’s the documentation issues that I found.

API Documentation Issues

Incorrect granular scope information

Zoom Meeting API:

  • List all recordings
    Replace user:read:list_recordings,user:read:list_recordings:admin,user:read:list_recordings:master
    With cloud_recording:read:list_user_recordings,cloud_recording:read:list_user_recordings:admin,cloud_recording:read:list_user_recordings:master

Missing granular scope information

Zoom User API:

  • Get user settings
  • List user schedulers

Zoom Meeting API:

  • Update a meeting
  • Delete a meeting
  • Get meeting invitation
  • List meeting registrants
  • Get meeting recording settings

Missing classic scope information

Zoom Meeting API:

  • Get meeting recordings