API error 1114 - create meeting - cannot assign alternative host

We create a new Meeting through the API (POST /users/me/meetings) and add an alternative_host to this meeting. The master account where we use the custom Zoom app and the API has a pro plan and the alt-host has also a pro plan.

This is the API response:

{ "code": 1114, "message": "Kann a.valid@email.com nicht als Ersatzhost zuweisen, da der Benutzer zur Zeit nicht ausgewählt werden." }

Translated message: “Cannot assign a.valid@email.com as a replacement host because the user is not currently selected.

We don’t know where we can fix this.

The alt-host has no access to the master account and is not added as an sub-account etc.

Hi @as11

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

Make sure that the user that you are assigning as an “alternative_host” belongs to the same account as the user creating the meeting.

Let me know if this helps,

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

thank you. This are two separate accounts.
How can we realize it, to add an another account as an alternative host through the API and not during the meeting.

Thank you.

Hi @as11
You can add an alternative host before the meeting but only if the user is part of the same account.
If they are separate accounts, this can not be achieved via API


Hi @elisa.zoom ,

is it possible to add an separate account to our account? To make this possible.

Hi @as11
Yes, you can add an external account to your account, you will have to send them an invitation.
This can be done through the WebPortal

Admin Tab > User Management > Users > Add User

Please note that you need to have a Pro license or higher.
Hope this helps