[help needed] Create Meeting Returns Error 1113

While creating meeting with alternative_hosts getting below error

“code”: 1113,
“message”: "nkBJi4bBSUyN8VB4nZDnEg is not associated with a Zoom account. "

I’m passing 2 values, one is id returned by zoom and another is email id of non registered at zoom.

Here nkBJi4bBSUyN8VB4nZDnEg is host id already registered at zoom.

Meeting details are below
“topic”: “tea time”,
“type”: “2”,
“start_time”: “2020-05-04 08:00:00”,
“duration”: “15”,
“settings”: {
“host_video”: 1,
“alternative_hosts”: “nkBJi4bBSUyN8VB4nZDnEg,xxxxxxxx@gmail.com

Does this same error occur if you remove the non-Zoom account? I believe Alternative Hosts can only be users part of your Zoom account.

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I found the solution. Issue happening for Non-zoom users and non-paid users. If i add paid(licensed) users it is working fine. @samly Thanks for your help.

Hey @Dora_Reddy, glad you figured out your issue.

For future reference, see the Prerequisites for the Alternative Host feature here:

Appreciate your help @samly! :slight_smile:


I am receiving the same error as I try to add alternative hosts to my meeting. It seems like the accounts I’m trying to add are not under the same license, but we’re all at the same university I assume using the same license.

Hey @slrosen,

Please see the prerequisites for adding an alternative host here: