Issue with adding alernative host in zoom marketplace create meeting API

I am using zoom marketplace create a meeting API from the below link

Now I have a feature where I have to add alternative host who will host the meeting on behalf of the actual host. When I am adding another zoom email address which is linked with the zoom paid host email account., I am getting an error .It says “******.com” is not a paid user with error code 1115.

Actually when I have created this new account , it was a paid account but when I have linked that account to my main host account it became basic account again and the money refunded.Now If I try to upgrade it again, they are giving an option to unlink and upgrade again. But without linking how I am going to set this account as alternative host? Please help me with this issue. Thanks in advance.

Error code : 1115
message : “******.com” is not a paid user

Hey @muhammad,

Is the user a user on your Zoom account?

Here are the prerequisites to use the alternative host feature:


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