API Error - Get past webinar Q&A Report returns user does not exist


Webinar uses a dynamic user(host), when the webinar ends the user(host) is removed and the webinar data is transferred to another user, after that we need to download the Q&A report, so we call the /past_webinars/{webinarId}/qa API, however, it returns 404 error with user does not exist message.

If we go to the zoom panel, reports tab, and try to find and download the Q&A report by webinar Id, we are able to find it.

  • Why is not available through the API?
  • How is the user(host) removed related to the webinar if webinar data was transferred to another user?


How To Reproduce

  1. Create a User.
  2. Create a Webinar.
  3. Schedule the webinar with the User created.
  4. Start the webinar, add some Q&A data, and end the webinar.
  5. Transfer the webinar data to another user and remove the user created before.
  6. Use the API /past_webinars/webinarId/qa with the webinar ID created and try to download the Q&A report.
  7. It should return the error above.

Hi @victor3

Thanks for reaching out to us!
I am happy to help here! Could you confirm if you are still seeing this behavior on your end?

Hi @elisa.zoom sorry for the late reply.

Yes, I confirm we are receiving this behavior, basically, once the webinar information is transferred to user B and user A is removed, the API is still returning that User A does not exist.

However, how can be this possible? if the webinar information is transferred to User B, why is it still referencing the User A