API Error: You can add max 1 Webinar 100 users


Since Jan 4, 2019 5:42 PM PST, we get the following error when we call custcreate (https://api.zoom.us/v1/user/custcreate).

  code: 200, 
  inner: {
    code: 200, 
    message: You can add max 1 Webinar 100 users., 
    uri: https://api.zoom.us/v1/user/custcreate
  message: 200 - You can add max 1 Webinar 100 users., 
  name: ZoomError, 
  uri: https://api.zoom.us/v1/user/custcreate

We couldn’t find any documentation or details what this error is about.

We did not make any changes that day and this happens 6-7 times a day right now. What is interesting is that the user was actually created when we check the API to get the corresponding user.

Here are the parameters we use to call custcreate end point:

params = {
  email: email,
  type: 2, // User Type: Pro
  first_name: "foo",
  last_name: "bar",
  enable_e2e_encryption: "true",
  enable_cmr: "true",
  enable_auto_recording: "true",
  enable_cloud_auto_recording: "true",
  enable_polling: true,
  enable_webinar: "true"

If we can get help, we would appreciate that.

Cagdas Tulek

Try skipping this parameter. It looks like it’s trying to add a Webinar 100 license in addition to the Pro Meeting license and you don’t have any extra Webinar 100 licenses available.

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Thank you for the quick reply. This solves our issue. It would be great if the error message, including its code was documented somewhere.