Using Zoom Rooms Control System API (ZR-CSAPI) with Python?

So I know that Zoom Rooms Control System API (ZR-CSAPI)'s SSH interface does not support SSH exec commands and strictly limits to plain text.

If I want to write a python script to do some automation using ZR-CSAPI, what packages should I use to interface with the API? I have tried pexpect, Paramiko, and other related packages, but no luck. I guess almost all the packages handling SSH interaction will tend to execute commands instead of sending plain-text.

Would love to hear any suggestion on this if someone has done this before.

Thank you!

Hey @rongxinliu,

I am not sure if you can use the ZR-CSAPI with Python. Have you tried googling to see if it is possible to call CLI commands with python?


Hi Tommy,

Thank you for your reply!

So using python to call CLI commands is doable using subprocess, os.system, pexpect, etc. But odds are they all assume SSH exec is allowed. But since ZR-CSAPI is plain-text interaction only, I am having trouble finding the proper tools to interact with it. I guess most of the Crestron products (or other AV control systems) use the ZR-CSAPI, so there should be a way to interact with it, wondering what that specific tool is. Not sure if the iPad controller is also using this API.

Perhaps, if the new release of Zoom API support mute/unmute audio and video for Zoom Room, then I will definitely use Zoom API!


Hey @rongxinliu,

I believe they are all using the ZR-CSAPI.

We do plan on releasing new Zoom Room endpoints with this functionality, but not for awhile.


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