User Presence API

I’d like to be able to call an endpoint to get the current user presence status for a given user. I am aware that there is a webhook event available, however there are use cases where I may need to check the current status due to lack of connectivity/downtime. I saw that someone had created a thread about this here: Check if a user is on a call or available but it is now locked. The ticket referenced was ZOOM-80787. Would you be able to give an update on the latest status?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @raman.gupta,

This is on our roadmap but we do not have a timeline yet. I am switching this to a feature request so it stays open.


great, thanks a lot!

Not sure if this was intended or not but I did figure out a way to get this information. I had to add the View current user's chat contact information /chat_contact:read scope to my OAuth app, then I can query chat/users/me/contacts/{id} with the parameter query_presence_status = true where ID is the current user’s ID. More details on this endpoint here:

I still think this should be returned as part of the users/me endpoint, but this at least unblocks me.

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