API or method to direct call to a zoom user

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Would be great to have a function that can call directly to a zoom user  (like when you use the client to call another user on the contact list) when you cal from instance as a guest using the URL from a webpage to have a call ringing directly to the zoom user, a way to accept calls from this method of call, even the user that is calling (a guest) is not registered on the contact list

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If I understand correctly, you want the ability to call a random Zoom user from a guest. This seems like it would open up opportunities for spam. Let me know if I’m not understanding correctly.

Along these lines - I’m looking into publishing my personal meeting ID on my website.  And this work’s - and I get notified via email that someone is in my meeting room, but waiting on the email delivery can be slow - so I’m thinking Jose wants immediate notification that someone is waiting in their meeting. 

Jeff, correct, a way to have a notice faster than an email, to let know the user that someone is waiting on a meeting 


You could use the webhooks https://zoom.github.io/api/#webhooks


And listen for a notification with status “JBH” letting you know that someone has joined the meeting and is waiting. Then use whatever notification method.

Jeff, have you looked into Twilio for notifications ?  I have implemented my own using Twilio messaging APIs - it’s very straightforward to integrate. I maintain all Zoom meeting schedules in my app and send an SMS to both host and attendees. works great on mobile and covers most of my user base. 

I think Zoom wants to stay out of building a notification framework for apps … 



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Good suggestions - I will check into Twillo and the web hooks.  Thanks!


Depends on the scale of your app, if it’s just for you, you could simply send an email from your server to your phone. https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-send-e-mail-to-sms-text/


And how fancy you want your implementation. There are a lot of messaging services, or ways to go about it :slight_smile:




I also want to do something like this via the API. Something that can simulate clicking the “meet” button but through the SDK/API.

Please any word on how to set this up
thank you, building a full-stack react app
and I would love to have zoom calls and meetings in it alongside fast notifications