Create 'user xy is calling you' event


is it possible to create a popup ‘user is calling you’ by sending a specially formatted invitation-string via
REST api ‘im/users/me/chat/messages’?

if i send a message with the form ‘[meeting-id]’, the room can be joined by just clicking the received link in the zoom desktop chat application.

to make this even more user-friendly - is there any possibility to create a ringing-event by sending some kind of ‘tag’, together with the room id?


Hi @harald.glanzer

We are looking at this and will update you shortly.


Hi @harald.glanzer,

Currently, we do not have the “User is calling” feature that you suggested within our customized message types. But we can definitely try to implement something like this in the future.

You can use this format to send the meeting id.

Let me know if this helps