API Plan Sandbox

I understand the API plan is $100/month with 4000 min.
I would like to know if there is a sandbox environment for the API developer plan? We are a start up, we don’t want to pay for the plan until we are done with the integration in the sandbox.

Hi @h1016j,

Currently, we do not have a sandbox environment for API Plan. Email us your account ID at developer@zoom.us and we can give you a 60 day Free Trial to test out our APIs.


@Michael_Purnell, I have sent email to developer@zoom.us But I never got response form them. Could you check for me please? My email is h1016j@gmail.com

Hi @h1016j,

No worries, your account should have the free 60 day free trial now.


@Michael_Purnell Where do I see if an account has or not have trial activated?

Also I am not full time working on my side project. So 60 day trial might seem short for me. Does zoom have sandbox environment now?

Hey @h1016j,

You can see your account level in your settings here. (this should say “Free Trail” for you or anyone who has a free trail account.)


We currently don’t have a sandbox environment, but we are working on one. You can track our releases here.


Do we have a sandbox for Zoom now or else can I please get a free trial

Hey @kingsd,

We don’t have an API sandbox, but you can create a separate testing Zoom account so as not to affect your Zoom account in use.

You can also request a free trial here: isv@zoom.us.


Thanks for this will mail and try

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


We are currently holding a Zoom Pro account and trying to develop some features using the Zoom API. Unfortunately, Pro account does not have access to /metric functions. Is it possible to get temporary access to this function under our account? What are our options?


Hey @jgraham,

You can request a free trial from isv@zoom.us. Mention you would like to try the dashboard features.


i create basic account in zoom when i wants to create user i get this response

“code”: 200,

“message”: “No privilege.”


hi i am not able to create user with zoom api i got no privilege message.

Hey @shekhar.chauhan,

Next time please create a new topic since this is unrelated.

As stated in our Create User docs, you need at least a Pro plan to call the Create User API: