API Update Receive Calls for Queue

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I am looking to update a user’s Receive Call option for a specific queue.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
I have looked into the following API endpoints

Any help on this would be great

Hi @khansen,

Can you share the specific API schema you’re referring to?

Are you trying to route calls to specific users? If so, I believe this endpoint is what you need:

Please let me know if this helps,

Hey Gianni.Zoom thanks for your reply. I am trying to update a user’s setting on a specific queue. The setting is receive_call .

Ahh I see @khansen , we don’t have a specific API endpoint that updates receive_call, but it’s been submitted as a feature request. In the interim you can try using the following endpoints to make adjustments to call queues:

Let me know how this works for you,

That is helpful! Thank you

As far as the Add Member to Call Queue. I have tried this with the following payload and I get response 200 but the Call Queue is not updated with the new member. Modified the data with dummy data, real data used in API.

This structure is from api https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/phone-call-queues/addmemberstocallqueue

{'members': {'users': [{'id': 'abcabc', 'email': 'abc@abc.com'}]}}

Hi @khansen ,

You should receive a status code 201 response when it’s successfully added :). If your example request, you omitted the field “common_area_phone_ids” – can you try with this per the documentation:


Hey @gianni.zoom Upon calling List common area phones our setup the response and we have no common area phone ids

    "next_page_token": "",
    "page_size": 30,
    "total_records": 0

So I am sending a blank id and still not getting a 201

	'members': {
		'users': [{
			'id': '123',
			'email': 'abc@abc.com'
		'common_area_phone_ids': []

Would there be another reason?


Hi @khansen ,

Hmm, I need to do some further testing with this endpoint, but are you seeing any changes to this particular Call Queue on the web client?

Can you send me your exact request to developersupport@zoom.us please? Address it to me and link this thread.

Thank you,

Hi @gianni.zoom , No I am not seeing any changes on the Call Queue on the web or from the call queue details members. I also sent the request to the email and I addressed it to you. Thanks

Hey @khansen,

Thanks for sending in a ticket! We’ll follow up with you there.


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