Set Call Queue Managers via API

Format Your New Topic as Follows:

PUT /phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}/manager


  • There exist an API “PUT /phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}/manager” which exactly did what I need, but this API is deprachted for a while.*

The big question is, how i can setup a manager for a call queue now and what is the replacement procedure for this API. Unfortunately I can not find any replacment procedures or setups for this API.

How To Reproduce
Of course I tried to trigger this old API and it is really not working.

Hi @dennis.raulien ,

Yes it’s been deprecated and there are no plans as of now to reinstate this or have an alternative method. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi @gianni.zoom thanks for the reply.
Do you think that your team can reactivate this API until you embedded this into the user / role permissions and rights? I don´t see any reason why this was depracted, but not replaced by something else.

And one more thing comes into my mind. I don´t want to open a separate thread for it. It is about the User templates. When a User / Phone User was created with a template it is not possible to check which template was used for this User via API.