API Endpoint to Update Receive Calls for Queue

I don’t believe there is currently an end point to update the Members-Users-Receive_call field for a Call_Queue, but I can see that there was a post in the Zoom Developer forum last September that asked about this and that this may have been logged as an Enhancement request.

I am interested in being able to update individual Members-Users-Receive_call values using the API. I have been able to successfully get the details of my call queue, but it looks like the one thing I want to update is not available currently in the API. If this was logged would you be able to tell me if it’s in development and if it was not logged could you log a new enhancement request that I could track?

Here is a link to the post that I found on the devforum that suggest this may have already been logged. API Update Receive Calls for Queue - #4 by gianni.zoom

Hi @csevelle
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Dev Forum and welcome to our community!
It looks like you can not update that field using our API, I tried looking into the Update call queue details and it looks like that field is not available.
Feel free to make a feature request here:


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