Api Validation for the zoom webhook

Hello Everyone, I am facing the issues while validating the api for the zoom webhook.
Application is hosted in Nepal Server. While validating the api , api is not reaching to the server. But zoom meeting is working fine in app server. I have open the required the ports also.

For testing , i have deployed the app in Digital ocean, api is validate for the web hooks. But incase of our production sever which is physical server located in Nepal is having problem while validating the api point, before it used to validate.

Anyone have idea of these issues. App is on production. I am trying figure out this issues but couldn’t worked.

Hi @hr12
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Can you please share more details about this issue? are you not able to get webhooks to your endpoint? Are you not able to validate your Event UR?
Are you able to call our API?
Now, what app type are you using? Is this an Oauth app?

Hi Elisa,
It’s Server-to-Server OAuth.
While validating the api from zoom to server. It is not reaching out.
But while starting meeting from server and validating OAuth is working.
Here is api need to be validate in webhook: https://university.dishhome.com.np/api/Webhook/zoomrecording

Hi @hr12
So just to clarify, you are trying to validate your endpoint URL to receive webhooks. correct?

Please make sure that your endpoint meets all the requirements found here: