App Crash happens

Hi Carson,

Thanks for the reply. In xCode 10 it’s working fine. But I need to use xCode 11. So only I am asking. Hope you understand.

Thanks !

Hi saroroo123,

Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear that Xcode 10 is working well. I have forwarded the Xcode 11 support request to our engineering team and we are working on it. Since a lot of dependencies need to change and test, it will take some time. It is recommended to use Xcode 10 during the interim, pardon the inconvenience. Please watch our Github repo updates and I will keep you posted.


Hi Carson,
Thanks for the reply. I have removed scene delegate use from my xCode 11. so it’s working fine now. But we need to fix this crash issue soon. I will keep my eye on your GitHub repo.

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Thanks Carson!

Yes @saroroo123 keep an eye on the Github repo.