App Review - Resubmission


We have updated the details that were mentioned in the initial review of our app (Zoho Calendar). However, we are unable to resubmit as the Submit button remains unclickable (inactive). We raised a ticket (#15388991) regarding this in and were redirected here.
Can anyone check on this please?

App - Zoho Calendar

Hi @zcalintegration
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
I will go ahead and do some research on my end and will come back to you with an update shortly

Hi @zcalintegration
Are you still having issues submitting your application?

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

Yes, we are still unable to resubmit our app. The submit button is still unclickable.

Could you please create a ticket with support here:

Add a link to this thread and I will take it from there!

@elisa.zoom We have attached the link to this thread in the ticket we had mentioned earlier (

Amazing! @zcalintegration
I have replied in that thread and I am working on it :slight_smile:


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