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We submitted our app iSAM + Zoom back on November 20. We got a “request for access” to download the software but have heard nothing more.

Is there any way to get an update?

Hi @CastingWorkbook

Thanks for reaching out! I have just checked our review queue and it doesn’t seem to be submitted. Please double check that the app has been revised and submitted so we can view the updates.

Thanks Catalina. It turns out we didn’t truly re-submit it after making the requested change. It’s quite an awkward process - having some details removed .

Is there a rough timeline on reviews right now?

No problem at all with the oversight on resubmission. Just heads up, moving forward, make sure to resubmit once you get the app back after making your edits; otherwise, it might slip under our radar.

Upon submission, you’ll receive a survey on our review process – your feedback is key to making it smoother. Currently our SLA is 72 hours, so it should be a quick turnaround if all feedback is sorted. Feel free to drop comments on the feedback for any questions or things reviewers need to consider.

Let mew know if you have questions.


Is there a current timeline for the reviews? We’ve had it ready for a week and are anxious to get this back out. It’s hurting us not having it available to our users who were using it for a couple of years before it was pulled down.

Regarding our review process, we currently do not have a fixed timeline. The duration can span from a few days to several weeks contingent upon the quality of the submission.

To expedite the process, it’s crucial that you address all feedback provided by our reviewers and seek clarification on any points if needed. Presently, your app appears to be in the queue for Security marking the successful completion of the functional review. Following this, it will undergo the final review and publication.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you so much for the feedback & help in this process. Hopefully we’ll get a result soon

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Hi Catalina - my boss is wondering if there’s any options to expedite this further? Any way to move up the queue by paying for the testing?

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