Do I need a marketplace app to create meetings on behalf of my B2C users?

I’ve read the documentation and a few question, and I think I do need to request a review for marketplace, but I thought I’d check just to be sure.

I have a B2C web app that allows users to create invitations for their events and share with friends. I wanted to launch a new product where those events would be done through zoom. This means a user would register in my web app, create their invitation, I’d request their permission through the OAuth API and create a meeting for them.

It’s all done and working fine when I use sandbox credentials and my account. But when I switched to my production credentails I got a message that I’m not allowed to share outside of my account.

So, for this type of app, do I need to request to become a marketplace app and go through the review process? We are estimating a few thousand unique users per month creating meetings, so I don’t think it’s feasible to treat them as users inside our main account.

Hi @brenogazzola,

Yes, based on what you just described, you will need to submit your app to share outside of your account and have users outside of your account download and use the app.
For more information about the marketplace submission/review process, please refer to the link below.

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