Best option for Zoom Marketplace app for our scenario

We are a SaaS platform connecting the 3 sides of the investment community (banks, corporates and investors). We allow our users to create and manage corporate events (roadshows, analyst marketing, conference calls etc). Each event can have one or more meetings.

We are looking at providing a Zoom Market Place App to make it easier for our users to create virtual meetings. We are trying to work out which integration model would work the best for us, given that:

  • People organising the meeting may not necessarily be the ones hosting or attending the meeting
  • In some cases the person organising the meeting may organise multiple meetings at the same time (9am - Meeting with Joe CFO, 9am - Meeting with Betsy CEO, 9am - Meeting with Anna CEO)
  • Meeting are planned well in advance and change quite frequently.

So the question is, what are our options as far as integration / creating a zoom market place application for the above scenarios?

Thanks in Advance


Hey @mike2, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

I would suggest creating an Account or User Level OAuth app, which allows meetings to be created, and updated on your behalf.

As for organizing multiple meetings at the same time, just make sure that each concurrent meeting has its own meeting host.


@tommy - Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: