App Validation? TDD process?


I am an engineer at Optify. We are using an instance of Cal dot com to have our own scheduling system. It seems that has already been approved to be part of the Marketplace, but it seems we were still required to create an app for the marketplace, that now requires verification.

We got an email stating how to be successful on the first round of review. It is the following article:

It says that we have to submit the Technical Design Documentation to: marketplace security zoom email

I am pretty sure that was part of the big form to be validated, but now I am worried. Do I need to send the same information to that email?

Also, we have different instances, do we have to create an app for each environment (integration, stating, production)? Seems to be a little bit tedious, unless I could be missing something.

The other question is, does a smaller scope also make it easier to be approved? Due to ignorance and poor research, we didn’t know that the validation process could take so long, and we were expected to go live this Friday, and we are hoping that since our app is very simple, and we are technically a copy of Cal dot com, the process could go pretty fast?

— Summary:

  1. Do I have to send the TDD to marketplace security zoom email, even though it was part of the form of the review process?

  2. Do we have to create an app for each environment of our scheduling app?

  3. Smaller scope on an copy/cat of Cal dot com could be approved faster?


Hi @ariverapagan
Do not worry about the TDD, the article you shared is a couple of years old and now the TDD is part of the workflow and it is embedded in your application, so you are not missing anything here.

For the second question, normally developers do create an app for each environment.

My question is, why are you submitting a new application if you can use the

Hello Elisa!

Thank you so much for your response. Even though we are using an enterprise licensed version of Cal dot com, we are self-hosted and we don’t have access to their configurations or anything. So we can’t use the app that they have on Zoom Marketplace. Unless I am missing something?

In regards to an app per environment, does that mean that I have to go through the application process again for each environment? :anguished: I feel that that approach would just clutter the market place with weird apps, no?

Thanks again

Hi @ariverapagan
You would only need to publish the production environment, you can keep the staging and testing environment private apps without needing to go to through the app review process.

Now, I have another question, are you trying to use this app internally? or are you trying to have 3rd party users to use the application that you are working on?

Hello @elisa.zoom,

It is not an internal scheduling system. This system will be used by all our coach providers. Some of them use Zoom, other Teams, Google Meets, etc. So users will definitely be part of different organizations/companies.

Thanks for the clarification, so yes your app needs to be published in the Marketplace if it’s intended to be used by 3er party users.

Going back to the other instances, you can have them as private apps and not publish them and update them accordingly