Are performance issues solved with 1.9.0?

There have been since January 2020 many post about severe performance issues in some cases, especially regarding CPU consumption that suddenly goes to 100%, blocking audio.
Zoom staff always answered that we have to wait for 1.9.0 release, that would solve performance issues.
From what I see in this post
it seems the issues are still not solved, and that the only solution is to register for an experimental Chrome wasm feature.
Could you please give us a clear word on the matter, so that we can plan our activities accordingly?
I have users asking me every other day when 1.9.0 will be released, because every time there is a webinar, they have to put 2/3 people as customers care helping participants to:

  • change browser
  • restart computer
  • installing and launching the app
    One could argue, why don’t ask all users to have the app installed?
    We work with doctors that are often listening to webinars while at the hospital, and they can’t install anything on their pcs.
    That’s why websdk is a brilliant solution for us.

Hey @alfonso.moscato,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m not aware of a release date being provided for this fix but I can confirm that it is an ongoing issue. I’ve reached out to our engineering team to see if they can provide a timeline as to when this will be released and potentially offer information on a workaround. (ZOOM-179154)

I’ll keep you posted on any new information.


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