Assistance needed in running Video SDK Windows starter project

Hello, I am new to the developer community. I am trying to run the video SDK starter project located in : Video SDK - Windows - Get started (

Following the steps in the docs,
I installed Visual Studio 2022 and opened the downloaded “zoom-video-sdk-windows-1.10.1”. The next step is to “press the button “Local Windows Debugger” to build and launch the demo application.” When I try to press the available green button. It asks me to select a startup item. They are,
videosdk_demo.sin (not a typo there are two)
videosdk_demo.vcxproj (not a typo there are two).

When I select any option in the screenshot and the (Debug|x64) it tells me:
“Build failed do you want to continue debugging”

After I press yes it gives me the following:
“Could not find a part in the path : …”

I am new to C++ development as well as to the video-sdk. My goal is to perform ML techniques on raw video frames obtained from video SDK.

Any help in resolving my issue is much appreciated.


@sandupa.20191115 ,

Please check out this video guide, I’ve tested v1.10.1 on Windows 11 + VS 2022 and it is working. There might be some specific steps necessary, example using release instead of debug.

@chunsiong.zoom Thank you for the quick response.

Will take a look at the webinar.