Asterisks ** started to appear in participant names via API calls

Since yesterday asterisks (**) started to appear in participant names via API calls…
Looks like the last two letters in each word are replaced with asterisk **.
Is there a way via API to get to the full original participant name?


Hi @mshparber, this is definitely odd - can you Direct Message me any meeting IDs / UUIDs where you see this happening?

Are you using Reports / Dashboard APIs for this?

Yes, I use v2/report/meetings/?uuid?/participants API.
There were several meetings with this behavior and then went back to normal.
I’ll send to a meeting uuid by direct message.
By the way, apart from the report API: v2/report/meetings/?uuid?/participants
is there another API call that returns all the participants with the details?

We have opened an incident (5380312)) for a similar reason: asterisks appearing in names of the Usage Report. Seems to be for one report only, May 3rd.

Any news from anyone on this?

Just to confirm that we have also seen this for a couple of webinars, the API calls were made around noon GMT on 4 May.
It seems like it was a temporary change, as later the reports started returning back the full participant names as usual.

Hey @v.hristov, @atjdor, @mshparber,

The issue should be fixed now, please let us know if you continue to experience it.


Thanks for the follow-up, @tommy. We haven’t seen the issue since its intermittent occurrence on May 4th, so from our end it seems fixed now.

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Thanks for the follow up @v.hristov! :slight_smile:


The last time I ran the report was Tuesday May 19 and it was still a problem


We started to experience this problem some time ago.
Asterisk symbols are still present in participant names for a few meetings.
Also the same problem appears for one Webinar instance.
I can provide meetings and webinar IDs / UUIDs or any other data that might help to investigate the problem.

We are also experiencing this issue on only one meeting so far. ID# 92367711537

Call is: /report/meetings/$MeetingId/participants/?page_size=300

See partial result

Hey @sdickinson1, @bportakh, @voteforguy,

Do you know if these meetings were Hipaa meetings? If they are, it will hide the PII.

If they are not Hipaa meetings please email the affected meeting IDs and this thread to so we can debug.