Attach and Detach Zoom One pro license using API

Zoom Plan : Zoom one pro (in other account)

*Link the API endpoint : Zoom User API *

Hello Team Zoom, i am am developer and working with the team, I have an organization where i have multiple users and that users has their sub users, and each should be able to manage their own meetings on their own time zone, to achieve that i created each users as my zoom’s sub user, and i want to do this with API, so my first question is, i want to use cust_create method while creating sub user in my zoom account, so how to use cust_create as if i use it and call API then it gives me error, so how to make it accessible ?, do i have to purchase Higher plan? like enterprise ?

*And while creating the sub-user i want to attach license of zoom one pro as well so that user can access the meeting time more than 40 minutes, to achieve that i have one extra one pro license available but in the given create user api what is the zoom_one_type code is for zoom one pro license as you can see there is not any code available for zoom one for pro, so my **2nd question is how can i attach it or what is the code for the plan ? ** and how to know my current zoom_one_type as i am not getting in the getUser API *

I need help, please reach out as soon as possible…