Automatically Sign in user when joining a Meeting

We are currently using the API to create meetings and then using the join_url from the response to create a button for the user to click on to join the meeting which is working fine. We have also recently added Single sign-On which is also working fine.

However when a user who is authenticated in the IDP but not yet logged into zoom uses the join_url it takes them to the waiting for host screen in zoom.

Is it possible to sign the user in automatically when joining a meeting given they are linking to the zoom meeting from the IDP?

Hey @accesstelehealth,

May I ask what the term IDP means?

Also, has the meeting been started already? Can you send me a screenshot of the waiting for host screen?

You can double check that “join before host” is turned “on” in your settings:


@tommy We do not want “Join before host” turned on as we don’t want to start the meeting without the host. IdP is the single sign-on Identity provider

Hey @accesstelehealth,

Okay. Are the users put into the meeting after the meeting has been started?

This is the intended functionality if the meeting has not been started yet.


@tommy Yes the users are put in the meeting after it is started, as intended. But the host is also shown the waiting screen (If they are not logged into zoom yet) which is the part we want to change.

We know they are the host because they are logged into the Identity provider, and we can configure the link to be specific to them or get an access token if needed so they are recognised as the host when linking to zoom.

@tommy I have found I can automatically login by linking the user to [myvanityurl] and I can link to the meeting with [myvanityurl][meetingnumber].

so my question is, is there a single url I can link to that both signs the user in and joins the meeting?

Hey @accesstelehealth,

Have you tried using the start_url returned from the Create Meeting endpoint, or Get Meeting endpoint?


I too have this query to redirect to a url after SSO login
Will Relay State parameter be redirecting to a particular page?

Hey @ragavanRevature,

Please share more info about your use case so I can understand what you are asking.


I think I understand what @accesstelehealth is asking for since I’m probably after the same thing. This isn’t a question about starting a meeting but about joining a meeting someone else started as an SSO authenticated user. Basically, the join link doesn’t itself perform SSO login, so if the join URL is embedded in an SSO enabled site (not, then if a user is already SSO signed in to that site, clicking that link doesn’t let you join the meeting as the SSO user. The user needs to perform an extra step of going to to force an SSO authenticated session, before the said embedded join link (in the external SSO site) will work properly.

Is there a way to streamline this so that once the user is SSO signed in to the external site, clicking one link will flow the SSO credential to the app and start the meeting?

Hey @billy,

So you are saying the join url without the vanity domain will not let you into the meeting without first going to the vanity domain and SSO authenticating?

How is the user not getting the join url without the vanity domain?


@tommy same question as @ragavanRevature. Is it possible to use RelayState to redirect to meeting. Currently even if I include my meeting URL in RelayState I land on \profile page. Thanks.

Hey @ragavanRevature, did you resolve this issue? Did RelayState work for you? Thanks.

No @vmelik. I had to make a workaround where I would open the SSO request in a small window and that would be closed once the page is loaded(SSO success). After it is closed we would then redirect the user to the page. I had to come up with this workaround for the time being.

@ragavanRevature thank you for sharing the workaround. Do you know if Zoom is planning to support RelayState?

Hey @ragavanRevature,

Thanks for sharing your workaround.

@vmelik, for RelayState, please create a feature request here: #feature-requests


Has relaystate been implemented? I’m after this, too.

Hey @scott,

I don’t think this feature has been implemented and I haven’t been able to find a feature request on this. If you can submit a feature request I’ll forward it to our engineering team.


done. SSO with RelayState

Thanks, @scott !

We appreciate you taking the time to write a feature request. Please be assured we will share it with our engineering team for consideration.

All the best,