Zoom Auto-login API

We are planning to integrate ZOOM API with our system. For that I wanted to know if there is any API end point which I can use to let my user login automatically.

Currently when my user clicks on Start meeting URL ZOOM shows the message like “If you are the meeting host, sign in to start the meeting”.

If user is logged in once then it does not show this and meeting starts directly.

I don’t want my user to login manually.

Let me know if it is possible to make user login directly through API.

I am using a JWT app.


Hi @shreyansh.doshi,

Are you passing the start_url (with the zak parameter attached) to the host when joining the meeting? And, which client are you seeing these errors on?

I’ll look into cases where this URL is not automatically authenticating.


Hi @Phillip
I have a web application and I have put one button in it with the Zak parameter, when user clicks on it, new tab opens in browser with URL

If user is already logged in zoom client and meeting start directly but if not logged in the page with message “If you are the meeting host, sign in to start the meeting” opens.

Example URL I am using:

If I hit this url in browser also this page opens.

We are on a pro account


Hey @shreyansh.doshi,

Make sure your start_url is not expired.

The start_url of a meeting is a URL using which a host or an alternative host can start a meeting. The expiration time for the start_url field is two hours for all regular users.

For users created using the custCreate option via the Create Users API, the expiration time of the start_url field is 90 days.

For security reasons, the recommended way to retrieve the updated value for the start_url field programmatically (after expiry) is by calling the Retrieve a Meeting API and referring to the value of the start_url field in the response.


Hi Tommy,

I facing the same issue with start_url.
I make sure my start_url is not expired but still, it’s asking for password.
Also, I generated Host User token but I can’t find document how to use that token with start_url for start meeting without authentication.

Can you please help me. I just want to start meeting without authentication but every time it’s asking for signing like above screenshot event start_url link is not expired.

Hey @ben3,

Please email this description and your start_url to developersupport@zoom.us so we can help you debug.