Zoom Server-to-Server OAuth or OAuth app for Azure AD?

With the deprecation of the JWT app type in Zoom, we are looking to change to either server-to-server oauth or OAuth. We only use the JWT secret token for Zoom and our Zoom App in Azure to sync with user data. This then allows us to enable auto-provisioning for user Zoom accounts from our Azure AD tenant. We want to continue this process, but we are having trouble finding the correct instructions that will integrate with Azure AD.

We created both OAuth and Server-to-Server app types in Zoom. The zoom app we created in azure requires a secret token from the Zoom S2S or OAuth app. Both app types are configured differently. Which app type is best for Azure to Zoom auto-provisioning? Since scopes are required, which scopes do we need for auto-provisioning?

I found that this article:


It states:

At this time, configuring Zoom with Azure only supports JWT. We are currently working with Microsoft to implement OAuth support for Azure Enterprise Applications and will provide updates as this becomes available

It could be that it’s not possible yet, using S2S OAuth, but might need a Zoom developer to confirm

And, so with a little over a week left before JWT is terminated, are we going to get any confirmation from Zoom engineers?

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Here is a helpful support article that you could benefit from