Bad Audio Quality in Android Chrome

Bad Audio Quality in Android Chrome

@tommy @Michael_Purnell
We have integrated web client SDK to our existing web application. While we are testing the audio quality was really bad and it was like robotic voice and it was howling in android chrome version 90.0.4430.91.

But for android chrome version till 89 it is working fine and perfect. After testing multiple times, the problem is now from the web browser on the smartphone only. Google Chrome on the computer works fine.

Also it’s working perfectly fine in Firefox browser

Robotic like voice in android chrome version 90

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

OS - Android 11
Browser - Chrome (version - 90.0.4430.91)

Hey @anuannemariya ,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Is your user using any head phones, or just the default computer mic/speaker?


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