Bad Video quality on webapp


Hello @zoom,

i have installed the sample-webapp with version 1.3.8, deployed directly via lighttpd (no nodejs http server involved) and have another pc running the native windows zoom desktop application.

the problem is that i am getting poor video quality on the zoom-desktop-client- side(i. e. the video that is transmitted via the js webapp).

the video that is received by js/webapp (from zoom desktop client) has much better quality. are js-webapp based video streams handled differently than native desktop client streams? if yes, is there a possibility to improve the quality?



Hi @harald.glanzer1,

We’ve have been receiving reports of the quality of the JS app being lower than the desktop client. Our Engineers are working on it.

Would you be able to tell use what OS and browser that you using ?



i am using chrome 72.x(i can send the exact version tomorrow) on a linux machine.

do i understand you correctly that the browser-based zoom client should behave very similar to the desktop client?



Hi @harald.glanzer1,

Thanks for providing the details and yes the browser based should behave the same a desktop client. Our Engineers are taking a look at this and will follow up as soon as possible.



add-on: i tested CDN + Local sample web app, commit c14d9424755(zoom 1.3.8), via the included nodejs http server. the only change i made was setting API KEY + Secret

CDN + Local both had poor video quality, compared to the desktop client.



Hi @Michael_Purnell,

to be sure to understand this conversation right: the quality of the web app should be the same as the quality of the desktop app? I also have different results in my tests -> if it helps I also can provide additional information.

Best, Martin


hi @Michael_Purnell,

do you have any updates, regarding the video quality?




Our Engineers are still looking into the video quality issue, if it is bug then we will making an update in an upcoming release.



@harald.glanzer because of some limitation, jssdk just support 360p video capture. can you provide a screenshot, help us make sure. Thanks.


@Prod_JackYang: thx for looking into this. this is my setup:

  • zoom native client 4.3
  • zoom CDN sample-webapp 1.3.8 + chromium 72
  • both clients use identical logitech HD1080p usb webcams.


  • it looks like the LOKAL-only video has less resolution when captured by webApp CDN, compared to the native client, see pictures (1) + (3)
  • after streaming via webappCDN, it looks like the resolution gets worse again, see pictures (3) + (4)

if i can do any additional tests, dont hesitate!

regards, hg